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Touch-screen Dry Block temperature Calibrator
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ET2500、2501 Touch-screen Dry Block temperature Calibrator

Product features
This product is easy to carry, easy to use, fast and reliable temperature efficiency, widely used in machinery, chemical industry, food, medicine and other industries. The problem of slow temperature rise and slow temperature rise is common in the existing dry test furnace in China, which leads to a long time for users to calibrate each time. The latest generation of dry well furnace of our company adopts the most advanced heating principle design in the world. It has the characteristics of fast temperature rise, fast temperature rise and fast temperature drop, which greatly improves the existing calibration efficiency.
Through reliable high precision temperature control circuit and high precision sensor, the precision is higher than that of other domestic manufacturers, and the technology has reached international standards. The first worldwide touching operation, simple and fast to use.
Main features:
Small size, light weight, easy to carry;
Various types of insertion tube, can meet the different size, quantity of sensor testing and
calibration. And can be customized according to the special needs of users;
Horizontal temperature and vertical temperature field;
Check the depth of insertion with the industry leader;
5.7 inch TFTLCD touch screen, 16 bit true color RGB display, full touch operation, intuitive
Fast cooling, easy to set, good temperature stability;
Hot and fast replacement;
With load short circuit, load switch, sensor protection and other functions.
General technical specifications
lLanguage: Chinese, English;
lCommunication interface: USB Device (optional).
lThe ambient temperature range: 0~50℃(32-122℉);
lAmbient humidity range: 0%-90% (non condensing);
ET2501-150B ET2501-650
Temperature range -20~150℃ -30~150℃ 50~600℃ 300~1000℃ 300~1200℃
Heating rate
30~100: 20min
30~150: 40min
30~300:7 min
30~1200:75 min
Accuracy ≤±0.1℃ 400℃ ≤±0.35℃ 400-600℃≤±0.5℃ ≤±1.2℃
Diameter of Soaking pit  30mm 32mm 39mm
Vertical temperature field 50mm axial uniformity (bottom up 50mm)
Horizontal temperature field ≤±0.05℃
Insert depth 165mm 150mm 135mm
Temperature unit ℃ or ℉;
MIX Power 500w
800w 3000w
Control accuracy 0.1% or 0.2%;
Power supply 220v± 10% ,45-60hz ,or 110v± 10%
Display resolution ±0.1℃ or ±0.01℃
SIZE 310*190*340mm 250*150*310mm 310*190*340mm
weight 15KG 11KG 12KG

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