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Dry Block temperature Calibrator
Browse through: Date of issue:2018-07-06

ET252 Portable dry block Temperature calibrator application
1. Use profile:
Used in the required temperature range, it is easy to set and accurately produce the required temperature.It has the characteristic of small volume, fast heating, stable temperature control, no pollution, etc.The temperature sensor and instrument can be integrally calibrated, so it is easy to carry, easy to use, easy to fast and reliable temperature calibration. It is widely used in machinery, chemical, food, pharmaceutical and other industries.
2. Product features:
2. 1. Various types of insert tubes can meet the test and calibration of sensors of different sizes and quantities.
2. 2. The heating rate can be adjusted according to user requirements.

3.Product model and technical specifications:
Model ET252-140 ET252-400 ET252-600 ET252-1000 ET252-1200
Temperature range -20~140℃ 50~400℃ 50~600℃ 300~1000℃ 50~1200℃
Heating source Semiconductor refrigeration electric heating electric heating electric heating electric heating
Accuracy 0.2% 0.2% 0.2% 0.2% 0.2%
Stability ±0.04℃ ±0.1℃ ±0.1℃ ±0.1℃ ±0.1℃
Horizontal temperature field ≤±0.1℃ ≤±0.1℃ ≤±0.1℃ ≤±0.1℃ ≤±0.1℃
Well depth 160mm 160mm 160mm 160mm 160mm
Power 400w 300w 300w 600w 600w
Power supply 220v50hz 220v50hz 220v50hz 220v50hz 220v50hz
SIZE 385*185*325mm 385*165*325mm 385*165*325mm 385*185*325mm 385*185*325mm
weight  12KG 6KG 6KG 11KG 11KG

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