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ET251 Cold Junction Compensation
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ET251Thermostat Controller .Cold Junction Compensation

ET251 Cold Junction Compensation is a device that provides stable and accurate zero degree Celsius temperature at the reference end of thermocouple, instead of the traditional zero degree Celsius temperature method that USES ice water mixture as the reference end of thermocouple. It has the characteristics of stable working temperature, high precision and easy to use
Technical indicators
1 accuracy: 0℃±0.1℃
2Rate: 0.01℃
3stability: ±0.02℃
4 uniformity <0.05℃
5 hole number and pore diameter: 6- φ9(ET383-03), 10- φ9(ET383-04)
6 power supply: one-way communication 220V, maximum power 200W.
7 work environment conditions: temperature 5℃-30℃

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