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ET3860C Digital Thermometer
Browse through: Date of issue:2020-04-08

ET3860C standard digital thermometer is the new selection in field of industrial temperature calibration and high precision measurement.  Its accuracy and repeatability can be achieved better than 0.05 ℃ / year.  Lithium batteries (don't need to replace ) ‘s life is lasting, intuitive readings, strong and durable.
Specification :

Product Name  
Model ET3860C
Temperature Range 20~50℃
Accuracy 0.05℃
Resolution rate 0.001℃
Calibration Period 1 Year
Sensor Length 300mm、500mm(19.68 in)for option
Sensor Diameter 5mm
Sensor Material 316s stainless steel (medical and food grade )
Sensor Specification  
Coil platinum resistance
Sampling rate 0.5、1S、2S  
Data Storage 16000 data
Connect USB or wireless communication for option  
Wireless communication range No shelter160m
Battery Type High temperature resistant lithium battery
Battery’s lifetime · 
No less than 1000 charge and discharge cycles
Warm Up Time                             Be valid after 1 min’s warm up time
Battery’ charge time 2.5 hours
Working temperature of communication module −20℃ ~ 60℃(14℉~122℉)
−20℃ - 60℃(14℉-122℉)
Main operating environment −10℃ ~ 50℃(14℉ ~122℉)
Main engine protection class IP50
Sensor protection class IP68
Dimension 106(L)X57(W)X27(H)
Weight 190g
−20℃ ~60℃(−4℉ ~140℉)
The accuracy and repeatability is better than 0.05 ℃ / year, electricity float is less than 1 PPM / ℃
Wireless Communication: real-data can be transmitted to computer through wireless communication.
Curve display: can display the real time curve in the same time as many as 32 sets thermometer.
Data record : can save 16,000 strip temperature measurements.
Intelligent indication: the trend indicator shows the trend of temperature change
zero mark: arbitrary point zero mark, volatility, deviation value visual display
Intelligent processing: maximum, minimum and average values are directly calculated and displayed
Unit : K, ℃, and ℉ can be switched arbitrarily
Resistance value display: sensor resistance value and temperature value synchronous corresponding display
Scheduled shutdown: the shutdown time can be set from 1 minute to 48 hours
Ultra-low power consumption: No need to do battery replacement
Sampling rate can be adjusted:  the sampling period from 5S to 600S can be customized to facilitate timing sampling
Clean and corrosion resistant: the probe of food grade 316 stainless steel is corrosion resistant and easy to clean
Charging convenience: the charging port is compatible with the mobile phone, and any standard USB port can be charged conveniently


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