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Function Generator
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Product Description
3.5-inch 480×320TFT LCD with clear graphic interface
Chinese / English menu available
Press key for help and information
File management supporting USB flash disk and local storage
Key features
For two-channel output, the highest output frequency is: ET3310 Model is 10MHz,ET3325 Model is 25MHz , ET3340 Model is 40MHz ,ET3360 Model is 60MHz,ET3370 Model is70MHz
The two channels are independent from each other and have the function of phase synchronization
Sampling rate of 160MSa/S, vertical resolution of 12 bit and storage depth of 16k
Five basic waveforms and 32 arbitrary waveforms in-built
Waveform storage: Supports 10 user-defined set of waveform editing
Pulse wave output set in edge time
Internal/external AM, FM and FSK modulation function
Output of linear/logarithmic frequency sweep and burst waveform
Frequency meter of high precision of 160MHz
With RS232 interface, USB Device, USB Host interface supporting USB flash disk storage
Multi-functional arbitrary waveform editing software equipped
Product Technical Indicators

Frequency Characteristics
  ET3310 ET3325 ET3340 ET3360 ET3370
Waveform types Sine, square, triangle, pulse, noise and arbitrary waves (including DC)
Sine  1uHz ~ 10MHz  1uHz ~ 25MHz  1uHz ~ 40MHz  1uHz ~ 60MHz  1uHz ~ 70MHz
Square 1uHz ~ 5MHz 1uHz ~ 5MHz 1uHz ~ 10MHz 1uHz ~ 10MHz 1uHz ~ 10MHz
Triangle 1uHz ~ 500kHz 1uHz ~ 500kHz 1uHz ~ 1MHz 1uHz ~ 2MHz 1uHz ~ 2MHz
Noise (-3dB) 7MHz Bandwidth 
Pulse 100uHz ~ 5MHz 100uHz ~ 10MHz
Arbitrary wave 1uHz ~ 5MHz 1uHz ~ 10MHz

Frequency Resolution 1uHz
Frequency Accuracy ±5ppm
Sine Wave Characteristics
Harmonic distortion
0~1MHz: <-45dBc
1MHz~10MHz: <-40dBc
10MHz~20MHz: <-30dBc
20MHz~40MHz: <-25dBc
0~1MHz:     <-45dBc
1MHz~40MHz:       <-40dBc
Total harmonic distortion <0.2% (20Hz-20kHz, 1Vpp)
Square Wave Signal Characteristics
Rise/fall <20ns
Overshoot <5%
Duty cycle
≤100kHz: 1%~99%;
≤5MHz: 20%~80%;
≤10MHz: 40%~60% (0.1% resolution)
(50% duty cycle)
1% Period + 5ns
Jitter 6ns +0.1% Period
Ramp Wave Characteristics
Linearity degree ≤0.1% Peak output
Symmetry 0.0~100.0%(resolution 0.1%)
Pulse Wave Characteristics
Pulse width Min 20ns;1ns resolution
Edge transition
Min 20ns
Overshoot <5%
Jitter 6ns +0.1% Period
Arbitrary Wave Characteristics
Channel CH1 CH2
Sampling speed 160MSa/S 160MSa/S
Waveform amplitude
Waveform length 16k 4k
Minimum rise/fall time  
Jitter 6ns+30ppm 6ns+30ppm
Storage quantity 10 waveforms 10 waveforms
Output Characteristics
Amplitude (50Ω)
1mVpp~10Vpp       ≤20MHz
1mVpp~5Vpp         >20MHz
1mVpp~3Vpp       ≤20MHz
Accuracy ±1% set value ±1mVpp(1kHz Sine,0 offset,>10mVpp)
Resolution 1mV or 3 bit
(relative to 1K Sine, 1 Vpp)
±0.1dB,≤100kHz ±0.1dB,≤100kHz
±0.3dB,≤5MHz ±0.2dB,≤5MHz
±0.4dB,≤25MHz ±2dB,≤40MHz
Offset (50Ω)
Range ±5Vpk , ac + dc ±1.5Vpk , ac + dc
Accuracy ±(1% set value +5mV+0.5% amplitude)
Output impedance 50Ω
Protection Short circuit protection, automatically disables the waveform output when overloading
SYNC Output
Level TTL compatibility
Impedance 50Ω
Rise/fall time  
Maximum frequency 25MHz
AM Modulation (CH1)
Carrier wave Sine, square, ramp, pulse and arbitrary waveforms (excluding DC)
Source Internal/external
Modulation wave Sine, square, triangle and ramp
Modulation frequency 2mHz~20kHz
Modulation depth 0%~120%
FM Modulation (CH1)
Carrier wave Sine, square, ramp, pulse and arbitrary waveforms (excluding DC)
Source Internal/external
Modulation wave Sine, square, triangle and ramp
Modulation frequency 2mHz~20kHz
Frequency offset 0~Maximum carrier frequency
FSK Modulation (CH1)
Carrier wave Sine, square, ramp, pulse or arbitrary waveforms (excluding DC)
Source Internal/external
Modulation wave Square wave of 50% duty ratio
Keying frequency 2mHz~1MHz
Frequency Sweep (CH1)
Carrier wave Sine, square, ramp, pulse and arbitrary waveforms (excluding DC)
Types Linearity/Logarithm
Start/Stop Frequency  
1uHz~Maximum carrier frequency
Sweep frequency time 1ms~500s
Trigger source Manual operating, internal, external
Burst characteristics (CH1)
Carrier wave Sine, square, ramp, pulse, noise and arbitrary waveforms (excluding DC)
Pulse count 1~65535 or infinite, gated
Start/stop phase  
Internal period 1us~500s
Gating source External
Trigger source Internal, external, manual operating
Frequency Meter
Frequency range 1Hz~160MHz
Frequency resolution
6 bit/s
Voltage range
and sensitivity
Input adjustment
input impedance 1MΩ
coupled modes AC
Trigger Input
Level TTL compatibility
Slope Rise/Fall
Pulse width >100ns
Reaction time
<10us(sweep frequency)
Modulation Input
Impedance 1MΩ
Signal range ±5V ac + dc


General Technical Specifications:

l  Supply voltage:200~240V, 45~65Hz
l  Power consumption:< 40W
l  Types:3.5-inch TFT LCD screen,Resolution480×320,16M color
l  Environment:Operation 10 ℃ ~ +40 ℃,Non-operation -10℃~+60℃
l  Humidity range:Within the range of 0 ~ 40 ℃,≤90% relative humidity
l  Interface:RS232,USB Host,USB Device
Standard accessories:
l  1 piece of 30A51 three-wire power line;
l  1 piece of 33A52 BNC coaxial cable;
l  1 CD-ROM
Optional accessories:
l  BNC alligator clip line (33P01);
l  Cabinet installation suit (32P02);
l  RS232 serial line (32P04);
l  USB data line (32P05).

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