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ET1092 series LCR digital bridges
Browse through: Date of issue:2018-12-05

ET1092series LCR digital bridges are high-precision component parameter analyzers making use of automatic balancing bridge principle, featuring 10 Hz~ 1 MHz testing bandwidth, continuously adjustable frequency, 0.05% of basic measuring accuracy, automatic level control, list scanning and position counting, which can provide accurate and complete measurement and analysis for most components and materials, so it is wildly used in product R&D, component incoming inspection and online product sorting.
Model description
Category Model Description
Basic model ET3500 50 kHZ frequency range, 0.1% basic accuracy, 5 1/2 digit display
ET3500A 50 kHZ frequency range, 0.05% basic accuracy, 5 1/2 digit display
ET1092A 100 kHZ frequency range, 0.05% basic accuracy, 5 1/2 digit display
Broadband precision model ET1092B 200 kHZ frequency range, 0.05% basic accuracy, 6 1/2 digit display
ET1092C 300 kHZ frequency range, 0.05% basic accuracy, 6 1/2 digit display
ET1092D 500 kHZ frequency range, 0.05% basic accuracy, 6 1/2 digit display
ET1092E 1 MHZ frequency range, 0.05% basic accuracy, 6 1/2 digit display
Product features
  1. 0.05% basic accuracy or 0.1% basic precision
  2. A maximum of 200 time/s measuring speed
  3. Frequency measurement range of 10 Hz- 1 MHz
  4. Amplitude of excitation signal 10 mV- 2 V adjustable
  5. Internal programmable DC bias voltage
  6. External additional DC bias voltage supported
  7. Automatic level adjustment of voltage or current
  8. V,I testing signal monitoring
  9. 10-point list scanning testing
  10. 10-grade sorting and counting
  11. 256 groups of correcting data for specified frequencies
  12. 6 digit reading resolution
  13. 7” LED display screen, Chinese and English interfaces
  14. USB, Ethernet, RS232, GPIB, Handler interfaces
Measured objects
  1. Passive components: impedance parameter evaluation and performance analysis for capacitors, inductors, magnetic cores, resistors, piezoelectric devices, transformers, chip components and network components.
  2. Semiconductor components: C-VDC characteristics of varactors; analysis of parasitic parameters transistors and integrated circuits
  3. Other components: impedance evaluation of printed-circuit boards, relays, switches, cables, batteries, etc.
  4. Dielectric materials: dielectric constants and loss angle of plastic, ceramic and other materials;
  5. Magnetic materials: evaluation of magnetic permeability and loss angle of ferrite, amorphous bodies, and other magnetic materials
  6. Semiconductor materials: dielectric constant, electric conductivity and C-V characteristic of semiconductor materials
  7. Liquid crystal materials: dielectric constant, elastic constant and other C-V characteristic of liquid crystal unit
  1. Electronic capacitors, substrates, PCB, antennae, ferrite, dampers, SAR phantom materials
  2. Aerospace/national defense, stealth technology, RAM (radar-absorbent materials), radar antenna housing
  3. Industrial materials, ceramic and composite materials, auto parts, coating
  4. Polymers, plastic fibers, films, insulating materials
  5. Hydrogel, disposable diapers, soft contact lens
  6. Liquid crystal display
  7. Other products containing such materials: tires, paints, adhesives
  8. Food and agriculture: food preservation (deterioration) study, development of microwave food, package and water content measurement
  9. Forestry and mining: water content measurement and oil content analysis of wood/paper products
  10. wood/paper products
ET1092E/ET1092D/ET1092C/ET1092B ET1092A/ET3500A ET3500
Measurable parameters Cp-D/Q/G/Rp, Cs-D/Q/Rs,
Lp-D/Q/G/Rp, Ls-D/Q/Rs,
Rs-Xs, Z-θ, Y-θ, G-B
Measurement time mode
200ms/500ms @ 10Hz
100ms/500ms @ 50Hz
20ms/200ms @ ≥100Hz
User-defined time
100ms/2000ms @ 10Hz
20ms/2000ms @ 50Hz
20ms/2000ms @ ≥100Hz
5ms/2000ms @ ≥1kHz
(at a step of 1mHz)
ET1092A: 10Hz-100kHz
ET3500A: 10Hz-50kHz
Testing signal level
(At a step of 1mVrms)
10mVrms to 2Vrms
100μArms to 20mArms
Constant voltage level 10mVrms-1Vrms
Constant current level 100μArms-10mArms
DC bias capacity Internal -2V to +2V voltage bias
External bias input (within ±60V)
Internal resistance of signal source 30 Ohm or 100 Ohm, selectable
Basic accuracy 0.05% 0.1%
Display resolution 6 1/2 digit 5 1/2 digit 5 1/2 digit
Comparator 9 groups of qualified setting, one group of unqualified setting, one group of auxiliary setting
Pharmacy and medicine: R&D and production of drugs, biological implant, human tissue characterization, biomass and fermentation
General technical specifications
Power voltage: 220V.AC ±10%, 50Hz;
Power consumption: <20W
Display: 7” TFT LCD, with a resolution of 800*480
Interfaces: Ethernet, RS232, GPIB, USB and Handler interfaces
Service environment: 0°C-40°C
Sizes: 330mm*285mm*136mm (L*W*H)
Standard accessories:
Three-core power cord
Kelvin clips
Lead-type testing clips
Gilded short circuit bar
Optional accessories:
GPIB cable
RS232 serial port line
USB cable
1m/2m test cable
Patch testing clips
Patch testing clips (with cable)

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