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ET1090 ET1091 series Benchtop Digital LCR Meter
Browse through: Date of issue:2020-01-10

 the ET1090 and ET1091 Series LCR digital bridge is designed by using automatic balance bridge principle component parameter analyzer, the tests of 10Hz~100kHz bandwidth, frequency adjustable, 0.2% of the basic classification function provided by the accuracy of measurement and instrument for the vast majority of components and materials to provide accurate and complete the survey and analysis, is widely used in product research and development, components such as incoming inspection, product online applications.
Measurement frequency up to 100kHz
Test level 100 ~ 2000mV
Support the measurement of DC resistance and electrolytic capacitor
Internal bias voltage output (1mV-1500mV)
Automatic identification of component measurement
3.5-inch TFT display, 5 and a half bits display
USB, RS232 communication interface, Handle sorting
Data recording function (maximum and minimum values, average value)
Support SCPI communication protocol
Provide system settings, which can configure language, buzzer, screen brightness, etc according to the needs of users.
Basic accuracy 0.2%
Manual and automatic range
Be equipped with open circuit and short circuit correction
Comparator has sorting and alarm function
Provide a variety of test ports
Model ET1090A ET1090B ET1090C ET1091A ET1091B ET1091C
Digits Main parameter: 5 digits; secondary parameter: 5 digits
Measurement Parameter Main parameter: L/C/R/Z; secondary parameter: X/D/Q/θ/ESR
Measurement Range(L)  0.01μH - 9999H
Measurement Range(C) 0.01pF - 99999μF
Measurement Range(R) 0.0001Ω - 99.99MΩ
Basic Accuracy 0.2%
Test Frequency (Hz) 100~10kHz  10 point 100~20kHz  12point 100~100kHz  16 point  10~10kHz  1Hz Stepping 10~20kHz  1Hz Stepping 10~100kHz  1Hz Stepping
Measurement Display Speed 2 times/second (slow), 4 times/second (medium speed), 8 times/sec (fast)
Internal Bias 0-1500mV adjustable, 1mV stepping
Test Level 100mV、300mV、600mV、1000mV、1500mV、2000mV 0.1V~2V adjusted   ,1mV  Stepping   
Correction Function Open circuit correction, short circuit correction
Screening function The screening limit can be set from -50% to + 50% with fixed points of 1%, 5%, 10% and 20%
Selection of comparator Five gear sorting, third gear qualified, one gear failed, one ancillary gear
Communication Interface Standard configuration: USB, RS232 (or 485), Handle interface; Optional: GPIB, USB Host
Others Support DCR, electrolytic capacitor measurement mode, adjustable backlight brightness,  optional in English and Chinese


 Power connection

(1) Power supply voltage range: 220V AC ± 10%, or 110V AC ± 10%.
(2) Power supply frequency range: 45-65Hz.
(3) Phase line L, zero line N, and ground line E of power input shall be the same as those of the power plug of this instrument.
(4) The instrument has been carefully designed to reduce the clutter interference caused by the input at the AC power supply terminal. However, it shall be used in a low noise environment. If such is not the case, please install the power supply filter.
WARNING: In order to prevent leakage from causing damage to the instrument or person, the user must ensure that the ground line of the power supply is reliably connected to the earth.
(5) Power consumption: less than 20W.

1.1General Technical Specifications

●Power supply voltage: 220V AC ± 10%, or 110V AC ± 10%, 45-65Hz
●Working environment: 0 ~ 40 ℃, relative humidity <80%.
●Storage environment: -10 ~ 50 ℃, relative humidity <80%.
●Dimensions: 265mm * 105mm * 305mm (width * height* depth).
●Mass: 2.3kg.
Standard Accessories:
●Four-terminal-pair Kelvin test cable (35A51).
● Three-core power cord (30A51).
● One User Manual.
Optional accessories:
●RS232 serial cable / USB data cable.
●Handle cable.
●Four-terminal-pair Kelvin test fixture (including short block)
●SMD component test fixture (including short block)



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