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ET2725 multifunctional process calibrator
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Summary of functions:

ET2725 process calibrator is a multifunctional, high-precision portable instrument. Specially designed for process control, is suitable for the industrial field debugging, can meet the requirements of a wide range of tasks, support source volts, current, resistance temperature detectors (RTD), thermocouples (TC), frequency, and ohms. measure and source all process parameters, such as measurement and Output can also be calibrated to secondary instruments that can measure these parameters with accuracy of 0.02%.
Product features:
Super-strong protection:The waterproof grade is IP67. Automatic protection against the signal terminals connect to the 220V
A split-screen display. The upper display allows you to measure volts, current (with loop power), resistance and continuity test. The lower display allows you to measure and source volts, current, resistance temperature detectors (RTD), thermocouples (TC), frequency, and ohms.
The accuracy 0.02% or 0.05%.
Calibrates a transmitter using the split-screen.
The measure of thermocouple provides automatic reference junction.
Automatic and manual cold end temperature compensation for TC.
Manual stepping and automatic stepping and ramping.
APSL intelligent pressure module with high precision can be selected according to customer needs to realize pressure measurement function.
Summary of Source and Measure Functions
Function Measure Source
DC V 0~60V (the upper display ± 30V) 0~10V
DC mA 0~24mA (the upper display ± 24mA) 0~24mA
Frequency 1.000Hz ~ 100.00kHz 0.00Hz~20.000kHz
Resistance 0~3200Ω 0~3200Ω
DC mV 0~100mV (the upper display ± 200mV) 0~100mV
RTD Pt100, Pt1000, Cu50, Cu100 Pt100, Pt1000, Cu50, Cu100
TC E, J, K, T, B, R, S, N E, J, K, T, B, R, S, N
Others Loop supply, Step, Ramp, Dual display
Specifications are based on a one year calibration cycle and apply from +18 ºC to +28ºC unless stated otherwise. All specifications assume a 10 minute warmup period.
DC Voltage Measurement
Range Maximum measurement range Resolution Accuracy ( % of reading + counts)
ET-2725B (0.05) ET-2725A(0.02)
(upper display)
-33V~33V 0.001V 0.05+2 0.025+2
(upper display)
-200mV~200mV 0.01mV 0.05+2 0.025+2
(lower display)
-1V~60V 0.001V 0.05+2 0.02+2
(lower display)
-15mV~125mV 0.01mV 0.05+2 0.02+2
-10°C~18°C,+28°C~55°C temperature coefficient,±0.005%FS/°C.
Input resistance: >1MΩ.
  DC mA measurement
Range Maximum measurement range Resolution Accuracy ( % of reading + counts)
ET-2725B (0.05) ET-2725A (0.02)
(upper display)
-24mA~24mA 0.001mA 0.05+2 0.025+2
(loop of upper display)
0~24mA 0.001mA 0.05+2 0.025+2
(lower display)
0~24mA 0.001mA 0.05+2 0.02+2
-10°C~18°C,+28°C~55°C temperature coefficient,±0.005%FS/°C..
Input resistance:<100Ω.
  Resistance Measurement (upper display)
Range Maximum output range Resolution Accuracy ( % of reading + counts)
400Ω 0~440Ω 0.1Ω 0.05+2
3200Ω 420Ω~3300Ω
On-off test 0~200Ω 0.05+1
-10°C~18°C,+28°C~55°C temperature coefficient,±0.005%FS/°C.
Maximum load voltage: 20V, equivalent to voltage of 20mA on 1000Ω load resistance.
 Resistance measurement (lower display)
Range Maximum measurement range Resolution Accuracy(Ω)
ET-2725B (0.05) ET-2725A (0.02)
Two-wire, three-wire Four-wire Two-wire, three-wire Four-wire
400Ω 0~440Ω 0.01Ω 0.25 0.15 0.15 0.1
3200Ω 420Ω~3600Ω 0.1Ω 1.5 1 1 0.5
-10°C~18°C,+28°C~55°C temperature coefficient,±0.005%FS/°C.
Exciting current during measurement: 400Ω:0.4mA±10%;3200Ω:0.2mA±10%.
Two-wire: Does not include lead resistance.
Three-wire: Assumes matched leads with a total resistance not exceeding 25Ω.
General Technical Specifications
The other parameters
Temperature: - 10 ℃ ~ 55 ℃
Storage temperature: - 20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃
Weight: 650 grams
Dimensions: 200mm*96mm*47mm
Power supply: 6Pcs AAA battery ni-mh or AC ADAPTER
Communication channel: RS232 
18P02 communication wires
Power adapter(18A52)

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