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ET1240 4½ Benchtop Digital Multimeter
Browse through: Date of issue:2019-04-28

ET1240 4½
Benchtop Digital Multimeter Profile
ET1240 is a 4½ digits, 22000 counts, dual digital benchtop true-RMS multimeter.The STM32 chip and external double integral AD used by this benchtop multimeter providing accurate measurement and stable performance. 3.5 inch 320 * 480 high resolution TFT LCD screen makes a clear reading, rich display, and a good visual effects. The benchtop multimeter is powered by electricity and provide full-function, full-range overload protection. Fresh and simple design with excellent performance makes them an ideal choice for electricians, electronics enthusiasts, engineers and colleges and universities.

1. Main features

  • 4½ digits, 22000 counts.
  • Dual parameter display: display two parameters of the same input signal.
  • Measurement rate: FAST (7 times / sec), MID (5 times / sec), SLOW (2 times / sec).
  • Trigger mode: Automatic trigger, single trigger, external trigger(optional).
  • Range switching mode: Auto / Manual.
  • 12 basic measurement functions: AC and DC voltage, AC and DC current, two-wire / four-wire resistance, period / frequency, diode, on-off test, capacitance, duty cycle.
  • DCV basic accuracy: 0.05%.
  • Mathematical functions: MX+B/MAX/MIN/dB/dBm/Rel/Comp Hi/Comp Low/ Statistics.
  • Additional functions: Data hold, data record, data readback.
  • keys can be locked.
  • Open calibration function.
  • Square wave output.(Optional.)
  • Provide system settings, can configure the language(Chinese / English), buzzer, screen brightness, interface display style.
  • Temperature: Thermocouple: K/N/R/S/T/B/E/J/WRe325/WRe526; RTD: PT100 / PT50 / Cu100 / Cu50.
  • Communication Interface: Standard: USB Device; Optional: RS232, USB Host, GPIB, LAN, WIFI, Bluetooth.
  • Support SCPI protocol.

2. General technical specifications

Power supply voltage: 220V AC±10%, 110V AC ±10%, 45-65Hz.
Working environment: 0~40℃, relative humidity < 80%.
Storage environment: -10~50℃, relative humidity < 80%.
Dsiplay: 3.5-inch, 320 * 480 resolution, 16 M colour TFT LCD.
Dimensions: 265 mm * 105 mm * 305 mm.(width * height * depth).
Weight: 2.3kg.

3. Technical indicators

Mode ET1240
Display digits 22000(4½)
Maximum measurement speed 7 times / sec
Function DC voltage DC current AC voltage AC current
Accuracy ±(0.05%+3) ±(0.35%+10) ±(0.8%+80) ±(0.8%+80)
Range 10uV~1000V 10nA~10A 10uV~750V 10nA~10A
Highest resolution 10uV 10nA 10uV 10nA
  -- 40Hz~100kHz 40Hz~10kHz
Function Resistance Capacitance Frequence Period
Accuracy ±(0.1%+6) ±(3.5%+30) ±(0.2%+10) ±(0.2%+10)
Range 10mΩ~200MΩ 1pF~10mF 1Hz~20MHz 50ns~500ms
Highest resolution 10mΩ 1pF 0.001Hz 0.01ns
Mathematical functions MX+B/MAX/MIN/dB/dBm/Rel/Comp Hi/Comp Low/Hold/Statistics
Resistance measurement Support 2-wire, 4-wire in two ways.
Continuity test When the resistance is less than 30 ohms, the buzzer sounds.
Diode test Measurable range: 0~2V
AC+DC measurement Support.
Trigger mode Standard: automatic trigger, single trigger; Optional: external trigger.
Duty cycle measurement 5.0%~95.0%. (the error is within 10 words.)
Square wave output Frequence: 1Hz~100kHz, amplitude: 3V.(Optional.)
Limit test Support.
Calibration Support.
Temperature Thermocouple: K/N/R/S/T/B/E/J/WRe325/WRe526; RTD: PT100/PT50/Cu100/ Cu50.
Communication Interface Standard: USB Device; Optional: USB Host, RS232, GPIB, LAN, WIFI, Bluetooth.
Additional functions Data hold, data record, data readback.

4. Parts List

Standard accessories:
  • A pair of 30A52 type proes
  • A 30A51 type three-core power cord.
  • Two 32A52 type backup power supply fuses.
  • One user manual.
Optional accessories:
  • 32P04 type RS232 serial cable.
  • 32P05 type USB cable。
  • 32P01 type GPIB cable。
  • 32P02 type Cabinet installation kit.

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