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ETYL320 High-precision Digital Piezometer
Browse through: Date of issue:2019-08-29

    The high-precision digital piezometer has the function of pressure measurement and high accuracy. It can verify pressure transmitter, pressure switch and pressure gauge. It can communicate with computer through RS232 to realize remote control, data processing and printing verification record.
    It is suitable for field and laboratory use. It can be connected with the full automatic pressure calibration platform. It can be used as an external pressure module of the pressure calibration platform. It can also be connected with various pressure sources to form a pressure calibration system.
The display screen adopts a 2.8 inch color screen, which has a clear display interface and rich display content, and its interface content is still clear and visible in the dark environment.

Product characteristics

1.  Pressure measuring range: -100kpa ~ 60MPa;
2.  Pressure measurement function
3.  2.8 inch color screen, Chinese and English can be switched
4.  Automatic temperature compensation
5.  Data Storage: supports the storage of 30 verification files at the same time, each file stores up to 110 data.
6.  Built-in lithium battery power supply

 Performance Index

1. Pressure measuring range: -100kpa ~ 60MPa; accuracy: level 0.02, level 0.05, level 0.1, level 0.2.
2. Pressure unit: there are 12 kinds of pressure units including kPa, psi, inHg, inH2O, mmHg, mmH2O, MPa, bar, mbar, atm, kg/cm2 and Pa.
3. Too small or too large a pressure unit may result in abnormal data display.
4. Pressure overload: When the pressure measurement value exceeds 110%FS, overpressure is displayed and an alarm is given.
5. Temperature measurement: (0~50) ℃; resolution 0.1℃; accuracy: ±0.5℃.
6. Operating environment:
7. a. Ambient temperature :(-5~50)℃;
    b. Relative humidity: <95% (no condensation);
    c.Atmospheric pressure :(86 ~ 106) kPa.
8. Storage temperature :(-30 ~ 80) ℃.
9. Display: 2.8-inch color screen, 5-digit display, Chinese and English can be switched.
10.Power supply: built-in 3.7v lithium battery power supply, with 5V power adapter.
11.Auto power-off function: turn off the auto power-off function and set the auto power-off time in the system information.
12.Communication serial port configuration: baud rate: 9600; check bit: none; data bit: 8; stop bit: 1;
13. Dimension: header Φ 115 mm x 45 mm; total length: 185 mm.
14. Weight: about 0.5kg.
15. Pressure connection: M20×1.5 (can be customized according to user needs).

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