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ETYL311 High-precision Pressure Module
Browse through: Date of issue:2019-08-29

    The high-precision pressure module is simple in shape and practical in function, which can be used together with our ETX-2026, 1826, 2125 handheld multi-function calibrator, ETX-2115 handheld loop calibrator, ET3080 multi-channel calibrator (desktop), ET31 series desktop thermal calibrator in the verification of pressure transmitters, pressure switches, pressure gauges, sphygmomanometers or other pressure instruments. It can also be widely used for the precise measurement of pressure.
    This product can also be used as the external pressure module of our company's ET-ZY series automatic pressure calibration platform, which is used for the automatic verification of pressure transmitter, pressure switch, pressure indicator, etc.
    If the double-range high-precision intelligent pressure module with two built-in pressure modules is selected, the pressure capacity will be doubled, which can reduce the frequency of module replacement and reduce the probability of damage to pressure sensor due to overpressure.  If we use the module on site, the number of modules can be reduced by half, which is convenient to use and cheap in quality. The double-range pressure module can cover the calibration range completely. When calibrating the pressure transmitter, there is no gap in the middle, and a single module can cover a wider range.

 Performance index

1. The range of pressure measurement: -100kpa ~ 60MPa (see the range table for detailed specifications).
2. Accuracy of pressure measurement: level 0.02, and level 0.05 are available.
3. Pressure units: kPa, MPa, 2.5MPa and below is kPa, above is MPa.
4. Overload alarm, when the pressure measurement value exceeds 110%FS, an alarm signal will be given.
5. Range of temperature compensation: 0 ~ 50℃.
6. Power supply: DC5V
7. Communication: RS232.
8. Operating environment: temperature -5 ~ 50℃, relative humidity < 95% (no condensation).
9. Dimension: Φ 30 x 130 mm.
10. Weight: 0.3 kg.
11. Pressure interface: M20×1.5 (can be customized according to user needs).
12. Additional function: temperature measuring function.

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